At Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company we take great personal pride in every aspect of the growing process.

The steps we take growing our organic and conventional strawberries are held to the highest standards.  At Santa Cruz Berry Farming Co., we believe in protecting our most valuable asset, the land, from using the latest in recyclable materials in our fields, to packing our strawberries in the most sustainable packaging available.

We are constantly looking at better ways to improve our growing process, by rotating crops, using beneficial predators, monitoring water usage and utilizing the most current food safety programs.  It is the goal of Santa Cruz Berry Farming Co. to produce the highest quality, safest most flavorful strawberries possible.

All Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company strawberries are hand-picked and field-packed to ensure only the highest quality berries are harvested. Fresh strawberries are rushed to coolers, where huge fans remove the field heat, and are then shipped within 24 hours on refrigerated trucks or air freighted to their final destination.

In order to meet the demand for high-quality fruit we grow only the sweetest varieties.  We accomplish this through understanding the micro-climates of the land where we grow and planting the best varieties for that land and by working with our growing partner, Dr. Beth Crandall of Kanaka Peak Research on the development of sweeter, stronger and more flavorful varieties.

We will continually strive to grow only the sweetest, highest quality strawberries for you and your family.